Visiting Info

This page explains how to attend RMNA!


RMNA 2023 takes place in the University of Washington Husky Union Building(HUB). The primary location within the HUB is the North Ballroom. To enter the building, use the "main" entrance, on the west side of the building next to the Husky statue

Inside of the HUB, multiple stairwells lead up to the second floor, where the Field Room for audience members is.

HUB Address:
4001 E Stevens Way NE,
Seattle, WA,


A variety of public transportation methods are available to get to the UW campus. Apps such as Google Maps are great for finding the quickest routes, and avoid the hassle and cost of driving through Seattle traffic and parking.

If you would like to visit RMNA by car, a variety of parking is available at varying costs and distances away from the HUB. Our recommendations are to park in the E18 Stadium lots because they are the cheapest for the full day.

Click Image to see full-sized parking map

What to Expect

RMNA is meant to be a family-friendly event which is both exciting and educational. We have a variety of activities and opportunities to explore not only RoboMaster, but the community of robotics and STEM enthusiasts which made RMNA Seattle possible.

  • RoboMaster competitions on-field(1v1 and 3v3)
  • Learn About RoboMaster Robots and their technology
  • Engage with our sponsors
  • Get limited-edition RMNA 2023 Merch
  • Meet team members from the many competing teams and learn about their experience with College-level robotics

To learn about the competition format, gameplay, and robots, visit the competition info page.

The competition weekend roughly follows the schedule shown

  • Wednesday is the operational setup day for volunteers and staff to setup the equipment, field, and conduct equipment tests. Some visiting teams may assist in setup on Wednesday.
  • Thursday is a practice day for teams to shake down their robots, as well as for volunteers to get experience with their tasks. Any kinks in our operational protocols will be ironed out and process improvements will be made.
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the for-points matches of the competition. The schedule is packed with matches and the room for error is small. Well-practiced staff and prepared competitors will be crucial to keeping the event on-track.

Venue Map

This is a map of the HUB's 2nd floor. All of the spaces used for RMNA are on the 2nd floor.

  • The Team Pit Room houses the temporary workspace for all of our competing teams. Here, teams can repair their robots between matches.
  • The Field Room houses both 1v1 and 3v3 arenas, as well as the announcing desk, live audience, our event sponsors, and our merch sales.
  • The Inspection Room is where all teams go to have their robots inspected before each match. Robots are inspected to ensure fair, fun, and safe gameplay.


For individuals or groups wanting media coverage of RMNA 2023, we are offering "Media Passes". Media Passes grant holders backstage access to team-only areas, such as inspection, fieldside, and in the pilot's rooms.

The following are eligible for a Media Pass:

  • Visiting RoboMaster Teams (up to 1 per team)
  • Media Organizations or representatives

After registering for a Media Pass, you will get an email 1-2 weeks before the 5th confirming your pass, with instructions to pick it up. You will also receive a document with the dos and don'ts in order to respect our teams and staff as they do their job.