About the Competition

RoboMaster is a collegiate competition with over 400 competing universities across the world. Each university designs and builds multiple types of robot to face off against each other in a video game style competition.

RoboMaster University League

RoboMaster University League (RMUL) competition consists of a 1v1 or Standard Confrontation, and a 3v3 game format. Competing teams are registered for 1v1, 3v3, or both competitions for this season. While the rules and scope of each differ, the robots are similar, and the competition process for both are identical.

RoboMaster is a competition where robots (both human-operated and fully autonomous) compete in a video game-like game by launching balls at each other's "armor plates". The goal of the 3v3 game is to fight the enemy team, and destroy the enemy base. Additionally, RMUL robots fall into three "classes", Hero, Standard, and Sentry. In the 1v1/Standard Confrontation, the goal of the game is to deplete the enemy robot's HP through launching projectiles.

RoboMaster University Championship

RoboMaster University Championship (RMUC) competition has competing teams build 9 robots to compete in a basketball arena-sized field with low and high ground, ramps, bridges, and other terrain features to add a vertical dimension to the battlefield. In addition to a base, teams also have a forward outpost which they must defend. During the 7-minute round, teams must attack and destroy the enemy outpost, sentry, and base sequentially.

In addition to the 3 robots used in RMUL, 2 additional Standards are fielded along with the new Engineer, Aerial, and Dart robots.

RMUC Side Competitions

The RMNA community does not have enough teams able to compete in RMUC. However, some teams with the extra robots still develop and build the extra robots to eventually compete with in the RMUC International division. In RMNA Seattle, we host unofficial side competitions for the Engineer, Dart, and Aerial. These competitions do not count towards official RoboMaster rankings, but provide a goal for RoboMaster competitors and teams to work towards.

Meet the Robots

Hero: A larger, base-destroying robot which slowly launches golf ball-like projectiles to deal massive damage to the enemy base.
Standard: The generic infantry unit of the team, launching many 17mm projectiles to engage enemy robots in offensive and defensive contexts.
Sentry: The fully autonomous robot which navigates the field, engages enemies, and defends the base.
Aerial: A drone which is called twice per game to provide air support for the team. The aerial gives a birds-eye view of the battlefield, and the aerial fire support can quickly turn the tide of battle.
Dart System: A remote airstrike called thrice per game to launch up to 4 darts at enemy structures, inflicting massive damage.
Engineer: The multipurpose support robot for the team. Engieer robots mine minerals from the field, exchange them for money, and can tow downed teammates back to the base to respawn.