Operational Info

High-level operational heirarchy of the competition is explained in-depth on this page.

RoboMaster University League (RMUL)

To learn about the competition format, gameplay, and robots, visit the competition info page.

Competition Process

The tournament format for both 3v3 and 1v1 is a round-robin group phase followed by a 8-team double-elimination bracket. In each 'match' of the competition, teams play between 2 and 5 'rounds' against their matchup, depending on the stage of the bracket.

For each match, teams are required to 'inspect' their robots before their match begins. This is a process where the physical rules are checked for compliance, and a basic functionality test is conducted to ensure that the competing robots are safe, and that the game server can deactivate the robots as needed.

After inspection, teams are chaperoned to ensure that no additional modifications or repairs to their robots are made, and that the robots are not powered on. Teams will then wait in the queueing area until their match is ready to begin.

At the beginning of each scheduled match, there is a two-minute 'setup period'. Teams have a limited 'pit crew' whice are permitted onto the field. Additionally, pilots will head to the pilot stations for their team during this time. At the end of the setup period, all team members must leave the field, and the game will begin. Inbetween rounds of the same match, additional setup periods will be given for teams to repair, reload, and recharge their robots.

After the final round, an untimed setup period will be given for teams to unload their robots from the field. Teams will then go to the unload zone to unload extra projectiles. After unloading and debreif, teams can return to the pit area. If 3v3 teams are staging for 1v1 or vice versa, they can skip returning to the pits and subsequently skip re-inspection by returning to the staging area.

Competition Schedule

The competition weekend roughly follows the below schedule.

Venue Map

This is a map of the HUB North Ballroom. The North Ballroom is the arena site for both 1v1 and 3v3 competitions. Additional room dedicated to our event partners, merch sales, and informational stands for RoboMaster and Robotics are in the field room. Spectators will enter through the two double doors at the top, and the chairs and open space is available for the audience to watch the competition.

The bottom section of the room is reserved for operational use, pathways for teams, and space for the A/V production desk. In order to efficiently and quickly move through the schedule of matches, room is reserved for teams past inspection to queue field-side.

The room to the right through the double doors is the "North Prefunction", which will be the room for inspection. Only teams will enter the inspection room, be process through inspection by inspection volunteers, and exit into the field room when ready.